It feels weird to me, writing here.

I’ve spent most of my blogging-life (if there’s even such a thing) on Blogspot. But one day I just woke up, and it wasn’t home anymore. I needed to run away and find somewhere new to live. And I think I might have just found it here. Or atleast I hope I have. Everybody needs a place to call home, after all.

I wanted to give this whole thing up. Looking back, I blogged every day, religiously. I’ve had so many different types of blogs, I can’t even keep count. I can’t even promise if this one is here to stay. But all I know is, for now I feel at home. If that isn’t a good enough explaination, I don’t know what is.


Welcome to my new home.
Feel free to leave your negative energy away and where love, peace and rainbows are always welcome.