Guess who got featured in Star 2, R.age (and even made it to the cover! Woot woot!) for Chinese New Year? 😀

580526_509189039133953_624816350_nI was approached by The Star because they found my Chinese New Year themed dreamcatchers & thought it was something unique that they had to feature. It’s nice knowing that my theme dreamcatchers I came up with to stand out from the others who make them, did just that, stand out 🙂

Here are the dreamcatchers that I made from Chinese New Year;

487649_10151289399127058_791767145_nFor this particular dreamcatcher, I incorporated big orange wooden beads in the weaving to represent Mandarin oranges & also added a lantern to give it a more festive feel.

531932_508379489214908_1273177728_nThis one, was inspired by Cherry Blossoms and also the usage of tassel was due to me seeing it in a lot of old Chinese costumes.