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From time to time, I watch Fashion Police on E! channel. Last week, Kelly Osbourne was wearing these gorgeous spike hair clips that I absolutely had to have! (Been looking online for a picture reference but unfortunately, couldn’t find one :/)

Since I’m such a sucker for anything with spikes and studs, I decided to make my own as it was incredibly easy but a;sp stylish and edgy.
So here’s how you can make one too!

I got a haircomb from Sinma, Midvalley for RM2. You can use any type of clips you want, I decided on a hair comb, since it would be something I’d personally use more often.
All you’ll need besides a clip, is a good, strong type of glue (mine was cement glue, you can also use elephant glue) & spike studs which I got from my supplier (H&m sells them as well).

I just stuck the spike studs in a straight line on the hair comb and left it overnight to dry. The very next day, I wore it out & absolutely love much edge it gives a casual look!