Today I wrote a DIY Newspaper Nail tutorial for & decided to post a simplified version of it on here. I’ve seen this tutorial ample of times online, but, using rubbing alcohol (which is a nightmare to find & trust me, I really went looking!). As I researched for other alternatives, I came across a few using water and of course, I had to try it out for myself.

After several semi-failed attempts, this one worked best for me;

1. Tear strips of newspaper (I used the Malay Mail :P), and pick a page that has the most fonts and the darker it is, the better. I teared longer strips (long enough to wrap my finger).

2. Paint your nails in a really light or pastel colour (I experimented with both: Lilac grey on all nails, except the pastel mint one). Once it’s completely dry, dip your finger into water for 5 seconds and wrap a strip of newspaper around it.

3. Lightly wet the part that’s on your nail, and firmly press on it. Do that for about a minute in order to get the newspaper ink to stick on your nail as dark as possible. Do this one nail at a time. trust me, it’s for the best :3

4. Paint a topcoat on it. You’ll need to paint a topcoat or else the newspaper ink can be wiped off. Make sure you like how your nails look, or you can always wipe it off and do it again. Once you’ve painted your nails with the topcoat, you’ll have pretty, shiny newspaper nails!

You can also check out the full tutorial, with step by step instructions and pictures (if this isn’t clearn enough) HERE!