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Going through my old blog (and cringing at how ridiculous I sounded from time to time), I found a post that actually made me stop and think. I wrote this at point I was completely inspired by Greek mythology and Francesca Lia Block (my favourite writer, always). Reading it again, weirdly I felt like I relate to once again, which is why I’m reposting this;


She sat there, a nymph; young & beautiful, with polka dots & vodka shots. Unable to speak, only to repeat.
Lips bitten red, like poison blood cherries. Tears in her eyes glistening like sweat off a rockstar under the stage lights.
She wiped them away with her cotton candy hotpink & crying mermaid turqoise nailed hands.

& she ran. On grass bare footed, with a daisy chain like a crown & torn faerie wings stuck on her back. Pieces of it stuck together with band aids made with unicorn tears,for extra healing powers.

Broken like crushed crayons; Chewed pieces of rainbows, pretty and nothing and everything all at the same time.
But her heart was light like an origami paper crane, full of hope.

Looking for love; in Chinese take-out boxes & tarot cards. Hearts drawn with fingers on steamy mirrors. The hummingbird charm at her throat. Reflections in pools of water. In soft petals of daffodils; Narcissus.

Until she was nothing but a voice, that couldn’t speak, but only Echo.