I love nail art and constantly am looking for the next thing that inspired me.
I decided to infuse my love for nail art, rainbows & tie-dye prints.
& the outcome was real pretty! (If I do say so myself 😉 )
Since I liked how it turned out, I worked out this tutorial to share.
I’m not a nail polish snob and use just about any brand from OPI to the RM2 ones sold at pasar malam. But for this particular tutorial I used Elianto nail polish & these are the colours I used;

I didn’t have orange so I had to improve and mix the colours I already had. The colour wheel they taught use way back in primary school actually is of use at times like these. A little bit of red + a lot of yellow =  orange 🙂


Firstly, you will need to do a base coat. The usual,
Right after that, apply lines of nail polish according to how you’d like your tie dye effect to look like. I did one with the sequence of the colours of the rainbow.

4While nail polish is still slightly wet, apply a top coat or a seethrough coat over it. This is to ensure your nail is still wet and stick for the next part you need to do.

Drag a pin or any sharp pointy object across the nail (from left to right) from the first colour you applied, to the last. Mine was from red to purple. Repeat the same thing until it turns out like this;


Now repeat the process with the rest of your fingers and you’ll have amazing, colourful textured designed nails!


Super cute hippie tie dye nails! So incredibly easy to do, and such conversation starters!