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Today started just like any other day. I hit the snooze button atleast 5 times before waking up, and got ready for work. Today felt like a Sausage Egg McMuffin sort of day, and that’s exactly what I did, went to McD’s to get my breakfast set. I dug through my wallet for change, unable to find any I pulled out an RM100 note to which the guy at the cashier responded, “No change Miss”.

Out of nowhere (okay I’m exaggerating here since it was from right behind me) a complete stranger, handed the cashier RM10 and paid for my meal. As I refused to take him money, he just said “You have a great day ahead, that’s all that matters”. There I was grinning like a Cheshire cat, unable to thank him enough for making my day.

Ever watched the movie Pay It Forward? The concept is pretty simple, someone does a good deed, and the person and the receiving end does the same for someone else, and that someone does it for someone else. Paying it forward with good deeds 🙂

Since that stranger bought me breakfast in the morning, out of kindness and nothing else, I decided I’d pay it forward. I bought Homi currypuffs (amazing huge currypuffs that are so nyum!) and gave one to the cab driver  who sent me back. He was pretty surprised by it, and told me he was hungry and hadn’t had time to stop for lunch so this was his lunch and was so grateful. I then told him about the stranger who bought me breakfast so I decided to do the same & I hope that he does the same by paying it forward. To which he responded, “You should be in politics!” and laughed.

Never underestimate even the smallest gesture because you never know whose life you’ll touch and what difference you can make.
Try it, a simple random act of kindness goes a long way 🙂