Some of you have probably heard of Franken nail polish, but for those of you who haven’t here’s a brief explaination. Franken nail polish is basically being able to personalize your own nail polish by experimenting with mixture of nail polish, glitter and pigments. The whole idea behind it is to create your own unique nail polish that can’t be replicated or you can attempt to replicate a colour you saw in a magazine, or online that was out of your budget.

I’m very much a nail person (as you can probably tell by the majority of my DIYs being nail art related :3 ) & this particular DIY saved me many times. Yes, it saved me! Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you have the perfect dress but you can’t find the right shade of nail polish to go with it? Or even if you did, it was too pricey for your budget? Been there way too many times.

Here are some basic Fraken nail polish DIYs that I always do.

1. Mixing eyeshadow pigment into transparent nail polish to create a new nail polish colour.

Transparent nail polish from Elianto (RM5.50) & eyeshadow was a gift from a friend. However I dropped it and it broke all over the place. I just used added it into the bottle of clear nail polish and shook it until it mixed really well and ta-daaa! A new nail polish colour (and now you can have nails to match your eyeshadow!)

The trick is the consistency, so try with a little bit of pigment and test it before you add on more pigment. It all depends on the colour you want.

2. Add sparkle bits to transparent nail polish.

This is as easy as it gets! Just add glitter to transparent nail polish, shake it properly and apply on nails. The more glitter, the better as it will look more obvious on your nails. I usually add 2 to 3 different coloured glitter together to give it a more festive feel.
3. Add more than one eyeshadow pigment to the nail polish.

The previous franken I did using just purple eyeshadow, I added bronze eyeshadow pigment as well to give it a different colour. I usually add on colours when I get bored with the colour.
instaImage_90These are probably the most absolute basic of all basic Frankens and just a rough idea of how it’s done. You can always add different colours, and also different types of glittered for texture. The possibilities with these are endless. Go wild and just have fun with it. There’s no wrong or right way to do it 🙂

Who would have thought finding the perfect colour you’ve been looking for was as easy as this? 🙂