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I had the privilege (and also headache!) of planning my sister’s Henna Night. It was basically a party where all us girls got our hands and feets adorned in henna (inai), ate good food and had a great time. I won’t elaborate further on what happened but I’m more than willing to share the decoration ideas which I put together, with the help of my cousin as well as the services I used to make it more amazing and convinient!

My sister & I both got our nails done in the comfort of our own home by Nails On Wheels. They provide manicure and pedicure service at your doorstep, and since we were both extremely busy with wedding preparations, this was an absolute time saver! I would definitely recommend using their service, since they did a great and neat job.

My sister got her henna done. Just had to share this picture because the details were intricate and gorgeous!

My table display! Intially I had different plans, but I turned it into a dessert table. Here are some close ups;


First of all, the amazingly cute artwork was done by a friend of mine Alison from Stickgirl.Production. She does these incredibly cute designs fit for any occassion! So if you have anything in mind, she’ll be happy to do comissioned work as well 🙂 I asked her for two designs, one as a poster & one for tags for goodie bags.

I made a Bindi Board, because majority of my sister’s friends are Chinese and I thought it would be really cute to provide them with bindis just incase they didn’t already have one. Also, after all that running around and dancing (this happens to me all the time), there’s a high chance your bindi goes missing and you’ll need one to replace it 😉 This came in really handy and tons of people loved the idea of it. The bindis were really cheap as well, I got them from Mangala Theebam in Brickfields for Rm2 a pack of 16 in assorted colours.

I used coloured bangles as part of the decorations as well. The bangles were my own that I got during a bazaar sale in Klang a year ago. I just strung them to yarn and tied them seperately so they don’t clump together, and just used them like I would a bunting. Added an extra Indian-y touch to the board. I also added peacock feathers, because what’s an Indian board without peacock feathers right? 😉
5Now the best part, the dessert! Besides Indian sweets, I ordered a batch of macarons from a friend (who is also a fellow mermaid!) Annatasha. Those were to die for! I’m not a fan of macarons but these were so nyum (especially the purple ones) and finished really fast! They make really good doorgifts as well. I placed them on a silver tray to give it a more authentic look. If anyone is interested, you can always drop her an email at annatasha.s2@gmail.com

& the higlight of the table, was the Henna designed cake;

This cake is as good as it looks! It was a sugee cake with yellow fondant, and chocolate icing to make it looks like henna. My dad’s friend, Aunty Agnes baked this gorgeous creation & her daughter drew on the design with icing. I gave them a rough idea of what I wanted and they made it to perfection! She not only bakes, but is an amazing cook as well. If any of you are interested, you can contact her ; manjurah.nadarajah@gmail.com
7 The goodie bags were also provided by her, & I just added on the tags. It was filled with Hershey’s Kisses 🙂


This was probably my favouritest part of the entire house. Crepe paper flower strands from India (but you can get these at Brickfields or Klang as well), all strung together by my family members to give it a curtain look. It made the house all vibrant and festive looking.

Besides using the paper flowers, we used sarees to drape over the sofas and cupboards. That was probably the easiest thing to do to add the Indian touch. Previously, I’ve even used it to drape across the ceiling for another event. It really depends on how you want the look to be. The colourful sarees add extra colours and makes the space look more full.

That’s it for decorations done by yours truly with the help of the family.
Here’s my outfit of the night;IMG_20130501_004436Anarkali punjabi suit from Suryaa Boutique in Masjid India for Rm50.
Kashmiri Jhimki from Global Indian Fair (a year ago) for Rm25.

I hope these tips on decorations and stuff are of some help if your planning an Indian event. Do let me know if you use any of the ideas, would love to see the outcome! 🙂