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I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. My Samsung S3 decided to go haywire and die on me (and currently being repaired) hence I’ve been having problems with picture taking and updates. Lucky for me, I’m blessed with amazing friends who let me steal their phones to take pictures.

Anyways, enough of that sob story, I’m back with another tutorial!ย I was a mermaid last Halloween (no surprises there!), and my obsession with mermaids has grown more evident ever since. My make up was quite a hit last year, so I decided to share it for those of you who’d like to go as a mermaid this year.

This was my look last year;


The make up of the scales areย separated and prominent, just like a mermaids (or a fish). I added a starfish hairclip that I painted myself, bought a purple tube top for RM10 & sew on seashells designs that I cut out using fabric (which was a pain to do but I was thrilled with the end result!) & I found a mermaid tail looking skirt at Asean Avenue, Sunway Pyramid for RM45.

Back to the make up, all you need, is a type of mesh or netting. I used a hairnet that I got from Daiso, Midvalley for RM5 & eyeshadows (colours of your choice).
instaImage_77– Cover your face with the netting (I know I look like a convict in that picture!), make sure it’s secure and won’t move, but also make sure it’ll be easy to remove as you don’t want to mess it up. You may need to tie it with aย rubber band, if you feel like it’s going to move when you do the next step.

– Use a make up sponge and apply eyeshadow to your face. I dab the lighter colours in first, and the the darker ones on top of it.

– I used shades of sea blue, turquoise and purple (all metallic) in order to make the mermaid scales look more mermaid-y.

– The tricky part is removing the netting, make sure you take your time with this as if it moves, the scales won’t look like scales anymore and more like a blob.

And here is the outcome;

You can also attempt a Snake Skin variation (which I’ll be using for a photoshoot real soon!) using the same technique but earth tones eyeshadow;
instaImage_81Let me know if any of you attempt this tutorial, would love to see the final results!
Have a gorgeous day ahead, gorgeous people! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some examples of the similar make up, I’ve done before.
Mermaid make up during my photoshoot with Daniel of 50mm;
18925_10151383006612058_1160998361_nSnake skin make up my gorgeous models, Cheryl Andrea & Monisha Ram, both with snakes;