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I’m shifting everything from my old blog to my new website, so bear with me if you’ve already seen this before.
Also, some of you may have seen these tutorials online before, but I decided to do a “Malaysian”-fied version of it which makes it easier for you to get the stuff to make this.
I made these on a budget of RM10. I kid you not, RM10! I got crayons for Rm5 & the heart shaped silicone mold for Rm5. Both for Daiso, Sunway Pyramid.
What you need to do is basically chop up the crayons into small bits. I colour separated them so I could coordinate when I placed them in the mold. I put one chunk of each colour in the molds to make sure it turns out rainbow-y 🙂
Then you’ll need to microwave it.  Most blogs recommend using a baking oven, but a microwave works just as well.
I suggest you keep a close eye on the melting process. I did one minute per session, and keep going until it melted nicely. You’ll know because the chunks will turn into a watery paint like substance.
& this is what it looks like right after I took it out of the microwave. Super pretty blended colours!  But it’ll be real hot, so you will need to place it in the freezer for 5 minutes.
Once you take it out of the freezer, you can pop it right out (like you would with ice cubes) & it’ll look like this;
Seriously, how pretty are these! & so cheap and easy to make! You can use them to write as well, like normal crayons but you get a blend of rainbow colours 🙂 Not only do they make really cute gifts, but it’s a fun activity to do with kids or can be even used as accessories.
Good luck making these! (you won’t need it since it’s super easy anyways 😉