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The other day, I went to Brickfields to stock up on Indian stuff (accessories, do my eyebrows, etc) & bought a pack of pottu (Pottu = Bindi = the decorative mark worn in the middle of the forehead by Indian women). I wanted the plain big, black, round ones. The kind that’s easy to match and wear with just about any outfit.

The thing is, I hardly wear pottus & they sell them either separately per card (20 pottus on a card) for 70 cents or a pack of 10 cards for RM2. Deciding that I’d like to get a bargain out of it, I bought a whole pack. The thing is, now I have about a hundred pottus with the same design ( Such first world Indian girl problems :3 ).

Here’s where I decided I’d get crafty & all I used was a paper puncher 🙂


By using the puncher, I made moon designs & now, I have super cute moon shaped pottus whenever I feel like being a bit more funky!