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I am constantly asked this question, “What made you want to make dreamcatchers? Why dreamcatchers?”.  I decided I’d write an entire post dedicated to why I make dreamcatchers and why they hold a significance to me.

It started wayyy back when I was a child and I was incredibly in love with Tiger Lily from Peter Pan. Being a Native American princess that she was, I got hooked. I started to read up on their culture, clothing, beliefs and, the dreamcatcher. The Native Americans believe that a dreamcatcher captures all your bad dreams, and only sends you good ones. Sort of like a nightmare filter.  I’ve always been a dreamer, and the word ‘dream’ has always been one of my favourite words and something I believe in. I couldn’t think of a more perfect fit 🙂

I took the initiative to learn how to start making my own because all the dreamcatchers I saw or found, didn’t feel right to me. I wanted something that would suit my personality, my ideas and of course, my dreams. From then on, I started making my own. My own custom dreamcatchers, with themes, designs and ideas I can come up with. Something that I couldn’t find anywhere else and would set me apart from the other people who make them, a style and something special I could call my own. My own form of magic. I constantly evolved and tried new ideas, trying to update myself with fresh ideas, and keep my creative juices flowing.

I found absolute happiness in being able to create a work of art, that is not only personal to me, but also could play a role in someone else’s life, whether it was purchased in hopes to capture their nightmares or even just as a piece of art they could wear and keep.

I wanted to create art, and change the world, one rainbow at a time. There were times I was demotivated due to people stealing my designs and so on, but I managed to push past that (with the help of my unicorns) and continued to believe that creativity and originality will always prevail. I believe in working hard, and staying humble. I believe that, at the end of the day you should always dream big and work towards that dream.

“If your dreams don’t scare you, their not big enough” – Anonymous.