People have been asking me on tips of how to take care of the feather accessories they have purchased from me, since most of my accessories and handmade dreamcatchers have feathers on them. Here’s the basics of what to do & what not to do based on personal experiences as well as tips I found online 🙂


Tips on maintaining your feather accessories.

  • Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the feathers gently, & blow-dry at lowest level to remove dust.
  • Use a soft brush (example: toothbrush) to brush gently to keep it soft and in shape.
  • If the feathers have lost their shape, when you make a cup of coffee/tea in the morning, gently wave the feathers over the kettle and the steam will fluff up the feathers again.
  • Use your fingers to bring the feather back to shape if necessary.
  • Don’t add anything, like water or hair spray to the brush or directly to the feathers.
  • Never brush against the natural growth pattern of the feather.

Hopefully these tips help, & if anyone has more suggestions and tips, please do add on by commenting. Would love any form of feedback 🙂