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The Minion craze has taken over, and I couldn’t help but get all caught up in the hype of it (though I personally love Agnes more than the minions in Despicable Me).

I’ve been seeing Minion nail art all over the place & decided I had to give it a try. The results were pretty successful, if I do say so myself;
A number of people saw it and kept commenting on how difficult they looked. To be quite honest, it was super easy to do, just a little time consuming.
So here’s a tutorial on how you can do your own Minion & Evil Minion nails.

Things you will need for Minion Nails;
– Yellow, black, white and blue Nailpolish (All from Elianto)
– Nail art brush (from Daiso, a pack of 6 for RM5).

minion nailsStep 1. Paint your nails in yellow. I did two layers of nail polish. Make sure it is completely dry before you proceed to the second step.
Step 2. Paint your tip with blue (the Minion’s overalls).
Step 3 and 4. Add black lines as shown in picture.
Step 5. Use grey to create a circle in the middle of the black line for the goggle. If you don’t have grey (like me!) mix a teeny bit of black with a bigger ratio of white.
Step 6. Draw on a white round in the middle of the grey. The idea is to make it look like the grey is circling the white.
Step 7. Add on the finer details; mouth, hair and eyeball.

The tedious part, is waiting for each part of it to dry before moving to the next step. However, the end result is quite worth it 🙂
You can also try to do variety of expressions and also, Evil Minions!

Things you will need for Evil Minion Nails;
– Purple, black and white nail polish.
– Nail art brush.

evil mini

Step 1. Paint your nails a dark shade of purple.
Step 2. Add a thick grey line at the tip. I again, mixed black & white nail polish for that.
Step 3. Add the black details as shown in picture.
Step 4. Use grey and create two rounds on the black line for the goggles.
Step 5. Add white rounds inside the grey ones, and also add teeth details on the mouth. The teeth should be uneven and some slightly longer than the other.
Step 6. Add eyeballs using black nail polish.
Step 7. Mix a little bit of white with your base purple nail polish for the hair. Draw on messy lines for the hair.

IMG_20130720_015634 I hope the illustrations (done using Paint, that’s what’s up!) was helping! Hope you unicorns give it a try & do let me know how it goes!