I love social media and how it connects me to some incredibly talented people. This girl commented on my dreamcatchers on Instagram, which is how I found Arini from Indonesia who is obsessed with the Indian culture and infuses it in all her artwork. She does cartoon-like drawings of Hindu gods as well as fusions like The Indian Little Mermaid and other Disney Princesses.

Since we loved each others artwork, we decided to do a trade (dreamcatchers for drawings) & this is what she came up with;

858928_511198075599716_394256352_oA digital artwork of me, as a traditional Indian girl, with a tray of dreamcatchers.

Untitled-1  & this gorgeous hand-drawn and colour penciled artwork of Lord Ganesha with Deeper Than Fashion dreamcatchers.

Check out her complete set of artwork here ; Art-rinay Illustrations. She’s open to custom orders too 🙂

On a completely unrelated note (or maybe somewhat related due to Lord Ganesha), I found this really nice plain white tee white Lord Ganesha printed on it for RM19 & decided to tie dye it. The end result;