I was in dire need to run away, escape from reality for a bit, and nothing feeds my soul and helps me get my creative juices flowing like the beach does. When my bestfriend said she wanted to head to Perhentian for a beach getaway, I immediately said I’d go with her. No questions asked.

Every single day I am thankful I didn’t think twice about it. I went to paradise, and I never wanted to leave.

As I stepped off the boat, this was the first thing I saw. The view on it’s own, made every tense muscle in my body turn to jell-o. I was calm, relaxed and at peace. It’s like my body automatically knew, I was home and I had nothing to worry about.

And that was the beginning of my Indian Mermaid adventures;

We stayed at Ombak on Perhentian Kecil. It was a small room, cozy and honestly, we didn’t care that the water heater wasn’t working. We were in paradise and nothing was going to kill our happy.

we spent the whole day lazing on the beach. The weather was sunny and perfect for tanning. Yes, Dark skinned people can tan too. That’s exactly what I did. I lay in the sun, letting the warm sunshine work it’s magic on me. I was 5 shades darker, and 10 times happier just basking in all the rays, sipping on my fresh orange smoothie and listening to the waves crash on the shore.


When it got too hot, we just went into the beautiful crystal clear water. Oh, the water. I have never in my life seen water so clear. The salt water touched my lips and I just starred in awe, at how the water looked exactly like mineral water but tasted of the sea. I spent most of my time just starring at it, wondering how it could make me feel so small, grounded and at peace.

I believe I’m a mermaid, or at least some form of a mermaid. I get an incredible feeling of bliss when I’m in water, completely weightless, and lost in the colours of my thoughts.


It gave me a sense of perspective. I’m trying to find ways to explain it, but the only word that comes to mind is; bliss.

IMG_20130831_164011 IMG_20130901_141259I could go on about how inspired and in awe I was throughout my trip but the highlights of my trip were; snorkeling and completely having a newfound love and respect for the beauty Mother Nature has created, watching a turtle and rainbow fishes swim past me, holding a tan coloured stingray with aqua blue spots in my hands and feeling it tickle my palms, drinks and dancing on the beach at night, making friends with everyone and finding a mermaid drawn on the walls of the bar (a sign!), laying down on the mat with the bestfriend watching the stars, going for a walk on the beach at night and stumbling upon a turtle nesting (this was beyond words), staying up all night talking and watching the sunrise with amazing people, and just being free.

IMG_20130831_142650 IMG_20130831_163121IMG_20130831_100459 IMG_20130901_112154 IMG_20130901_085918IMG_20130902_140949 IMG_20130901_124911 IMG_20130830_190834If you love the beach and in need of an escape from reality, Perhentian is a perfect paradise for it. I know I’m heading back there again.