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A major beauty trend this season, would be the tip dyed hair, or ombre hair. However, as pretty as this hair trend is, it’s something risky due to having to bleach your hair (which means spoiling it).

For those who have extremely black hair (like I do) & don’t want to bleach it, as well as only want a non-permanent way to dye the ends of your hair, hair chalking might just be the thing for you.
Here’s a tutorial on how you can do it and can be washed out at the end of the night;

You will need soft pastels. I used Mungyo brand ones. They sell these at any arts & craft stores but I got mine from Popular 🙂 Pick out the colours you’d want to use for your hair. I choose shades of blue & purple (mermaid colours :3 )Use a glove if your afraid of getting your hands dirty. I don’t quite mind, so no gloves for me. The picture above shows how it can stain your fingers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉
PhotoGrid_1383986562266Wear an old t-shirt that you don’t mind getting dirty as this process can get a little messy. You will also need a towel in hand & clips to section your hair.
Firstly,  you will need to separate the strands of hair you would like to color and slightly dampen the hair. I would suggest doing this in the bathroom, to make it easier. Then use the soft pastels and rub it on your hair in a downward direction until you see the colour turn really vibrant. Wetting the pastels slightly helps as well.
PhotoGrid_1383986598527Now that you’ve applied the desired amount of color to your hair, blow-dry it until it’s no longer wet. You can either use these two methods;a) You can use a straightener or hair curler to go over the strands of hair that’s been coloured. The heat is supposed to lock in the colour. Some coloring residue will end up melting onto your straighter or curler.You can wipe it off after it cools off, with a wet cloth.

b) You can use hairspray to make sure the colour stays (however, I’m not much of a hair spray person so I used option A)

And once your sure it’s dried, you can lightly comb (very lightly!) it if it’s really messy but don’t comb too much as the colour comes off.

Here’s what the end product looks like;

The pros of this method is – you can change hair colours as much as you’d like.
The cons of this method is – it’s messy and leaves your hair slightly rough after wash.

I suggest doing this only for picture taking, photoshoot and if you’ll be out only for a short period of time.

Go ahead & give it a try, it can’t hurt 🙂