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Previously I posted this on my old blog, but decided since this was helpful to many people (so I was told), I decided I’d post it here as well.  This is a ridiculously simple tutorial on how to make a earring rack.

I personally use the one above for my earrings. It’s so easy to make, and done at a budget (as most of my tutorials are). Mine’s completely recycled.

Things you need:

  • An empty glass bottle
  • Fishnet stockings
  • Ribbons.

Step One: Get fishnet stockings. I used an old pair of knee length fishnet stocking that ripped. But you can easily purchase one at Daiso for RM5.

Step Two: Use a sturdy glass bottle. It can be any sort, but I opted for an empty liquor one as it is heavy as well as has a nice shape. Just use the fishnet stocking to cover the bottle & tie a ribbon on the bottom and top to secure it’s place. You can also use pins instead of ribbons. That’s it! You have your own personalized, handmade earring rack!

These are a few examples done by people who previously followed my tutorial. You can attempt to use the same idea and materials but a different style as well. It all depends on you and how creative you want to get with it 🙂