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I constantly have this issue with my jeans, the zipper always slides down! I haven’t had a single pair of jeans I didn’t have this issue with. According to my lecturer (back in fashion school), it was due to my lower body shape. My frame is pretty small and I have a big butt.  Seriously, it is so embarrassing and I often have to re-do my zipper without anyone noticing.

I attempted several things (including using safety pins, which was not a success!) but this works best for me. So for those of you who have the same issue I’m facing, here’s a life-saver!;

IMG_20130918_171047All you need to do is get a keychain ring, loop it into your zipper pull & hook it over your buckle button before you buckle your jeans.

Probably the simplest, most time and effort saving way of avoiding any embarrassing zipper situations!