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I posted a picture on my Instagram (deeperthanfashion) of a quarter of my seed bead collection after organizing it. This picture to be exact;
563038_10151672010272058_387287519_n I love organizing my accessory supplies according to colour. Look how pretty!
Also, I love how the cases I bought to organize my beads, were at such a steal! I got it from Daiso, at Rm5 & there’s 10 compartments on each case. I own about 10 of these cases, not just to organize my beads collection but also for my rings;

PhotoGrid_1379675699115Another good thing about these are that they are so easy to carry along when you travel! Trust me, I actually carry my accessory supplies when I go on holidays & hotel stays 😉

Besides the cases, another thing I found in Daiso that was brilliant for accessory organizing are these plain ziploc plastic bags;
PhotoGrid_1379675654171They come in various sizes, and also different packets have different amount of plastic bags. Besides keeping my drawer organized, I use these to  keep most of my earrings and chain bracelets avoid it from rusting.

Daiso should really start endorsing me for all the promo I give them on my blog 😉 I love cheap but good finds!

Here’s another way I organize my necklaces;
IMG_20130920_191232I loop or hang them from a wooden rack in my closet. This way, they don’t get tangled and also, it’s easy for me to see everything I own (okay, maybe half the necklaces) without having to fish them out of a drawer and untangle them.