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While looking for accessories for a wedding I was attending, I came across this gem of an online store, Urban Aura Signature selling beautiful Indian accessories and fell head over heels in love with just about everything! So much so, I went on a shopping spree and decided to review the items I purchased.

First item on my review list, is this absolutely gorgeous nickel free, pearl choker and jhumka set. I’m a sucker for anything traditionally Indian as well as classic. Personally, I’ve always wanted a set like this, plain gold with pearl details. I just can’t seem to get enough of anything with pearls on it!

I love how the design is suitable to be worn with almost any of my traditional Indian outfits as it’s simplicity and basic colours blends with just about any look. Urban Aura Signature has a large range of sets and pieces like this. I was tempted to get quite a few but had to stop myself. But look how pretty!

Each set comes with a different price tag, to inquire you can just message them online and they will get back to you promptly! (All times I’ve messaged them, I get replies within minutes!)

The second item is the Terra Jhumka. It’s made of clay and is completely handmade so bare in mind that it will not come out 100% perfect. However it is so beautifully crafted piece by piece, and takes a minimum of 48 hours for the entire process, if it’s during summer. At other times, it takes up to 4 to 5 days. These type of earrings, can be worn with both traditional and modern clothes as it has a unique look to it. The fact that it comes in so many shapes and sizes, as well as a large array of colours allows you to pick one that is most suited to your taste.
DSC_0148 DSC_0140

And lastly, bindis! No Indian costume is complete without this beauty mark on the forehead. I don’t usually wear bindis unless on special occassions but these I absolutely had to have. Ever been in a situation where you wanted to wear a nice, coloured bindi for prayers or temple but only had ones with stone work and you just didn’t want to overdo it? These subtle designs are both funky and casual, so you can still be stylish without overdoing it. Also, if you do some really intense make up, these bindis will compliment the look and not make you look overdone.

Also, I love how I can turn the large circle ones into moon designs like I did in this tutorial ; DIY Moon Bindis.

It comes packed in double sheets for each design/size (1 dozen per pack of assorted design/size of multicolor bindis). It comes in circle, oval, diamond & dewdrop shapes and also a variety of sizes so you can pick the size that suits your face best.

Besides these, I also pre-ordered these designs for Diwali!;

1381548_213808398792603_462620407_n 1385509_214929215347188_4854358_nAnother classic set (I couldn’t help myself! It matches anything and everything!) & these super unique peacock designed earrings with pearl work.

Do check out their beautiful designs and collections at Urban Aura Signature Facebook page. Trust me, you won’t regret it! (Your wallet might though because you’ll end up wanting to buy everything ;))