I’ve done Markets at Jaya One about 4 times now, and so far it’s the only bazaar I have opened my Deeper Than Fashion booth at. The only reason I started doing Markets among all the bazaars out there was because when I used to want a good bargain and to hunt for awesome things, I used to visit the Markets with my girlfriends.

This time around, since I’ve been working full-time, the whole experience was a different and more hectic one. I had to work twice as hard on my free time but the end result was incredibly rewarding and worth it.

My booth and how it was displayed;

20131005_105648Spreading the rainbow-love!

My huge handmade hula-hoop dreamcatcher, that was the attention grabber at all my bazaars! 

A lot of familiar faces, friends both old and new dropped by my booth;

PhotoGrid_1381015419426 PhotoGrid_1381015149531

Shelby who runs Bisou BonBon Bisou Rose selling all handcrafted bath and body care whose booth was right opposite mine, bought me this super cute badge! She is probably one of the sweetest people I know ;

20131005_114527I also had the opportunity to meet new people, talk to them about my brand and what it is I do. So many people were really supportive and nice;
PhotoGrid_1381015234730I even had some kid customers who loved my booth because everything was so colourful. They were so cute! ;
PhotoGrid_1381015289990All in all, Deeper Than Fashion going offline was a great experience once again. I love being able to meet new people and make new friends, to be able to hear such kind and inspiring words from people.

I’d like to thank each and every one of you who dropped by to show me some love, regardless if you bought anything or not. The fact you stopped by my booth to show support meant a whole lot to me. Also, those of you who messaged me wishing me luck and all the kind words of encouragements, eventhough you couldn’t make it, thank you as well. I truly appreciate every single bit of support.