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“Kolam is a form of painting that is drawn using rice powder/chalk/chalk powder/white rock powder often using naturally/synthetically colored powders in India.” – source: Wikipedia

For the past few years, every Diwali, I have attempted to make traditional kolams. Some were successful and some, not so much. It takes a lot of effort, skill and patience. Which is why, I sometimes opt for an easier way out or a faster way to do it when I don’t have the time. A few months ago, for my sister’s wedding I came across some really pretty kolam inspired designs that were made using sheer plastic in Little India, Brickfields. They may not have the traditional appeal to it, but I liked how convenient and versatile they were. PhotoGrid_1381241072005However, they didn’t have the colours I wanted, so I had to either change the colour theme or figure out how to make my own. As you can guess, I made my own & I’m sharing how you can do so too 🙂

Things you will need:

  • Rhinestones/sequins/beads of your choice
  • Hard see-through plastic sheets
  • UHU glue
  • Scissors

DSC_0002DSC_0141Step One: You will need to plan what design you want. You can draw it out or even print it out depending on what you’re going for. I printed a simple paisley design; DSC_0142Step Two: Place your design below your see-through sheet of plastic, and arrange your rhinestones according to the lines to give it the shape. You can either arrange them and glue them using UHU glue later, or glue them as you go.

I glued them as I went along; DSC_0144Step Three: Leave it to dry properly. Use something heavy to press it down, like a book.

DSC_0146Step Four: Cut it out in it’s shape, and you’re done!

You can now start arranging it, and playing around with the arrangements to whatever suits you. The beauty of this kolam is that you can place it wherever you want as a decor and right after, just store it into a box.

Here are a few examples of what I did; DSC_0180 DSC_0184 DSC_0183 DSC_0182 DSC_0181Another way to display these kolams would be by adding candles. You can use normal tealight candles, or you can order these amazingly gorgeous candles with menhdi designs on them from Nakreze Mehndhi.

Her candle designs are so exquisite and perfect as centre pieces or displays for weddings, events and parties. I love how each and every single candle is unique as it is hand-drawn by her.

Here are the ones I ordered from her; DSC_0005DSC_0008When I fused both her beautifully hand-designed candles along with my handmade kolams, here was the end result; DSC_0010

DSC_0011Hope this helped spread some inspiration and Diwali spirit!