Repost from old blog;

Here’s another Indian, Diwali inspired decoration idea. (Previously posted last year) With Diwali being the ‘festival of light’, this is a perfect table centerpiece idea 🙂

Things you will need;
+ Glass bangles (I got mine, a set of 24 pieces for RM6 in Klang)
+ Tealight candles
+ UHU glue

Step One: Use glass bangles. Either completely see-through, or semi see-through. It will look prettier in the end result. You can purchase these bangles in varies colours & designs, or you could recycle the old ones you no longer wear.

Step Two: Take the lose pieces and started gluing them together using UHU glue. You don’t have to do perfect circles, just enough to ensure it’s stuck together. Leave it overnight to dry.

Step Three: Light a candle, and place the stuck together bangles over it.

It’s so simple & just imagine how amazing it’d look with varies colours and designs stacked together as a centerpiece at the dinner table or even as normal decoration.