Meet my newfound make up crush on a budget,Miss Rose – Delicately Wet Eye Shadow 3D: DSC_0177This palette comes in 48 colours.

My honest opinion, I LOVE IT! I love colours and certain colours are so difficult to show on dark skin tones like mine. But these come out beautifully against my skin and has such good pigments;
1I attempted rainbow eyeshadow as a trial on my skin, and was completely sold when the bright yellow showed on my skin. I’ve always had problems with shades of yellow, and I didn’t even apply primer beforehand for this.

32 The vivid pigments are intense and exactly as seen on the palette itself, which is why I didn’t bother doing any swatches as it wasn’t necessary.

The eyeshadow on it’s own was slightly creamy, which made application really easy and smooth. The palette comes with a mirror and two applicator brushes as well. I usually just use my fingers 😉

The only con for me is it has a slightly perfume-y smell when you open the palette, which I am not a fan of. But the smell is not there upon application, so that isn’t really an issue.

I’m considering bringing this palette in to sell as well. Anyone interested, do let me know 🙂