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When I saw these gorgeous rainbow bangles for sale at Urban Aura Signatures, I absolutely had to have them! ; 
These style of bangles are lakh bangles or also known as, Hyderabad bangles.

It’s a single line of stone arrangement on the bangle. It is made of 99% glass stones, and 1% glitter to fill up all the gaps and add more colour and shimmer to the bangles. Perfect to add a little bit of glam to any look!

However, in order to keep the stones and glitter intact, here’s a little trick I learnt;
DSC_0036Just brush on a clear coating of nail polish on the bangles. This will help secure the glitter and stones in place, as well as add a shiny coat. Super simple & you don’t get annoying glitter stuck on you 😉

Also, here’s another trick I use when travelling for weddings and such. I usually arrange all my bangles beforehand so it’s easier when I get dressed up, all I have to do is slip my hand in and I’m done.

In order to keep my bangle arrangements ready, I just loop a ribbon through it and tie a bow after I’m done arranging it, like this;
DSC_0030This way you don’t have to waste time 🙂

Do you Unicorns have any other tricks and tips for bangles? Do share, I’d love to learn something new 🙂