Here’s a ridiculously easy nail tutorial for those of you who like a little colour, sparkle & bling on your nails when wearing Indian costumes!

Things you will need:
+ Nail polish (base)
+ Bindis
+ Sheer nail polish


Step 1; Paint your nails in whatever colour you desire. I did each nail in a different colour.

Step 2; Use bindhis/pottus (you can get these at any Indian shop selling clothes and accessories!) to stick on your dried nails. Make sure you stick them on properly and they don’t peel off!

Step 3; Paint a layer of sheer nail polish & wait for it to dry, then do another layer just to make it extra secure.

& you’re done!
Super cute Indian nails!

Do note that these won’t last long and are only suitable for events/occasions that won’t involve you using your fingers as much. Similar to 3D nail art, this can fall off if pulled or otherwise.