When I heard of Kumar vs Malaysia, organised by Define International, I absolutely had to go! & I am so glad I did! 
The tickets were slightly pricey, however worth every cent! Also, it came with a 3 course meal;
IMG_20131018_011632The comedians representing Malaysia were Kuah Jenhan, Kavin Jayaram & Rizal van Geyzel. I had previously watched Kavin and Rizal both perform several times, but Kavin keeps getting better!. For some reason, this wasn’t Rizal’s best performance, but hey, everyone’s allowed an ‘off’ day. Jenhan on the other hand, was my favourite of the Malaysians. His delivery and timing was on point. Dr.Jason Leong, (also a stand up comedian)was the emcee that night, and was a perfect choice for the event.

Of course, the highlight and main act of the night, was none other than the fabulous drag-queen, Kumar;
IMG_20131018_011529I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly hilarious he was! I laughed so hard, my face hurts! He was fast, witty and honest with his jokes. His expressions were so epic!

But the best part of the night, was actually meeting Kumar, even if it was for just a picture and an exchange of two sentences;
PhotoGrid_1382030267195My mom and I were such fans and used to watch his travelogue cooking show, “Rusiyo Rusi”. One of my fondest memories with her, was laughing at Kumar’s exaggerative antics, and how my mom used to always say he reminded her of me and how dramatic and skinny I was.

What I didn’t enjoy about the show, was the impromptu session they had. The questions were prepared by the audience, which weren’t exactly suitable as I thought some of them were offensive and some border-lining ridiculous, such as “Who farts louder, Malaysians or Singaporeans?”. However, Kumar was on point and had his A game one with his replies.

In this friendly match of Kumar vs Malaysia, as proud of a Malaysian as I am, this round definitely went to Kumar hands down. But our boys did a great job and did us proud!

I’ll definitely be looking forward to the next one by Define International. Do click like on their Facebook page to keep tabs of the updates, shows and acts they’ll be bringing in! 🙂