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Halloween is just around the corner, and since Diwali is so close to Halloween, I haven’t had time to focus on my costume this year so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of those last minute things I thrown on.

Last year, I was a mermaid (Is anyone surprised? :P). For those of you who want to see my full costume as well as learn how to do your own mermaid or snake skin make up, you can check it out HERE!

This year, I haven’t quite decided yet, but I worked on a tutorial for a simple Leopard make up for those of you who are probably going to plan this last minute, like me. I’ve done this several times before, in a few different ways.

Here’s the few times I’ve done it;
bSimple leopard print make up done only on the eyelids, for my friend’s safari themed birthday party.
DSC_0092Another one, with just the eyelids done, for a photoshoot with Rosiegraphie.

& probably the most favourite of mine;
41311_418128177057_1508396_nThis was using body paint, a rainbow leopard theme for my photoshoot with photographer, Daniel Goh.

Now that we’ve walked down my Leopard make up memory lane, here’s the tutorial on how to do your own leopard spots make up.

Things you will need; 
+ Eyeshadow
+ Eyeliner

1Step One: Use all your basics; primer, foundation, powder and such to give yourself the usual flawless look you do when you go out. I just used primer and press powder here, and a little bit of blush.

Step Two: Use bronzer and lightly brush it around your whole face, to give you a luminescent look. You can also skip this step if you want to.
2Step Three: Use the eyeshadow of your choice to draw your leopard spots. Just remember the spots don’t have to be perfect rounds, just blotchy spots here and there.

Step Four: Once you are done, go around your blotchy spots with your liquid eyeliner. You can make ‘C’, ‘U’, ‘Y’, & ‘X’ shaped lines. Honestly, there is no rules, just draw lines here and there, as shown in the picture.
3Step Five: Add little lines and spots around and in between your leopard spots. This is optional, but it makes the whole leopard look more realistic 🙂

& there you have it! Leopard print make up!
Now just finish up your eye make up & draw a little feline nose;
4For the eyes; I did plain black eyeshadow, but circle my eyes with a nude, white colour to give it contrast. Then I added white eyeliner at the corners of my eyes, and drew a sharp ‘V’ shape, like most felines have on the outer lids. After that, I did the usual black eyeliner on my bottom and top lid.

For the nose; I used a liquid eyeliner and drew a blunt triangle shape.

For the lips; I used a nude lipstick. If you don’t have nude lipstick, you can use your concealer.


Add ons (optional); You can add cat ears, as hairbands with cat ears are trending currently. I saw some at H&M recently. Or you can just wear something with a leopard print to go with the whole look.

I hope you unicorns found this tutorial simple and helpful for your last minute Halloween costume! 🙂