Went to Nestle Everyday 12th Annual Deepavali Carnival at Bukit Jalil for some amazing bargains for my Deepavali shopping. A different blog post on this all together.

There’s nothing like a good bargain!;
IMG_20131031_173518For the bazaar, I decided I’d be decked out in something both modern with an Indian twist (I tend to do this quite often). Here’s what I wore;
IMG_20131031_180207Top: Tailored, fabric from India.
Harem pants: Bali
Earrings: Handmade from Deeper than Fashion šŸ˜€

The Indian printed fabric for the top was actually purchased previously at one of the Deepavali carnivals I went to a few years back. So was the fabric for this dress here.

I decided on harem pants as it’s probably the most comfortable pants I own. & to add the finishing touches, I wore a pottu and a pair of handmade jhimkis.

Yes, I made those earrings. In fact, I wish I was able to make them in time to sell for Deepavali but I was swamped with custom orders. However, these will definitely go on sale after šŸ™‚

IMG_20131030_132621I’ll be custom making these, which means you can pick the base colour (bronze or silver) and pick the colours you’d like me to incorporate.

Those of you interested, you know where to find me šŸ˜‰