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Deepavali day two. With my family, the party never stops and I foresee an entire week of functions *yay!!!*

My second Deepavali outfit;PhotoGrid_1383494130834Top, pants & shoes: Bazaar at Bukit Jalil.
Bangles: Mix & match, plain ones from Brickfields, & the thread ones (in pink) from Varnam Gallery.
Clutch: Gift
Ring: Gift from India.

I opted for really, really bright colours this time around, with a combination of hot pink, purple & turquoise. I call this combo, the Barbie colours.

Both my top & pants were made from a really soft cotton lycra material. I love how vibrant the colours were and how they complimented each other perfectly;
PhotoGrid_1383485045105My bangles were a mix and match from the bangles I’ve collected throughout the years. I mixed plain metal bangles with threaded ones to give it a different look. My clutch was plain turquoise, to add a pop of blue to my outfit;
PhotoGrid_1383498078410The jhimki earrings were handmade by yours truly to match the outfit 🙂PhotoGrid_1383494394115This Ganesha ring, eventhough a small piece of accessory was the highlight due to how unique it was. It looks almost like a statue, with the 2D effect it has. My favourite god, Ganesha the Hindu god of intelligence and success;
PhotoGrid_1383494568686My shoes, were this super comfy and funky shoes I got for RM25 at the Bukit Jalil bazaar. It’s hand embroided, so the details on it are very intricate;


& for my make up of the night, I kept it at a minimal due to the vibrant colours I was already wearing. I did however, do winged cat eyeliner to give it an old Tamil movie actress look 😉 Exaggerative eyeliner was in back in the days 🙂

My diamond shaped pottu was from Urban Aura Signature.
IMG_20131103_225741Excuse the extreme flash, I didn’t have any other picture of myself.