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*repost from old blog.

I wore this gold studded bib necklace I made, for MIFA 2011 & a lot of people asked me where I got it from. It was such a statement piece!;


I didn’t buy it, in fact I made it. & you can too 🙂

Things you will need; 
+ Studs (you can buy them from places like H&M, or take them off an old belt like I did 😉 )
+ Foam Sheets (You can get these at Popular bookstore)
+ Hot Glue Gun.
+ Snap Fastener.

PhotoGrid_1383933420949The foam sheet can be any colour you want it to be, I opted for black since it’s the easiest to match with everything.

There are three ways you can go about with starting to make your bib necklace:

  1. Draw out the design, then start poking it through the foam according to your design
  2.  Place the studs on the foam to plan out your design, and once your happy with the design, just start poking it through.
  3. Just wing it! This is what I did, I just took stud after stud and poked it through the foam, without a plan in mind and it turned out great!

PhotoGrid_1383933449016Just use the studs & start poking them through the foam sheet after you decide which way to do it. It’ll go through easy because the foam is soft & the stud backs are sharp.

Make sure to be careful not to injure yourself. The back of the studs should be folded in after pushed into the foam. You can either use your fingers, or use a plier.

Once done, all you need to do is add a string to both end to tie it and it’s finished!
Also, if you opt to make bracelets, you can use snap fasteners;
PhotoGrid_1383933475872I’ve made several designs. Here are some examples.
My handmade bronze studded bib necklace & ring used for a photoshoot;
PhotoGrid_1383934026532I also used the same bib necklace (& also some handmade studded bracelets) to style and shoot the gorgeous, Tanisha Raj;133226_484397567057_3085025_oThe gold studded bib necklace and a few bronze and gold studded bracelets to style and shoot the beautiful, Natasha Loo;