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I’ve been planning out strategically on what my Christmas Collection for Deeper Than Fashion will be, due to previously being super busy for Deepavali, I was unable to deliver my best.

So here I am prepping a month ahead, hoping to bring some Christmas joy to those who’d like to purchase some handmade goodies for their home or even as gifts.

The first of my Christmas Collection are these Wine Charms; 

A wine charm is basically a stylish way to identify your wine glass. Ever placed your wine glass on a table and someone else places theirs, then you are unsure which is yours and have to get a new glass? With these wine charms, you not only can identify your glass as each has a different colour wave and design, but it also adds some Christmasy glam to it.

I love small details when it comes to decor, because it really plays a big part. And these, are perfect addition to a family dinner;

PhotoGrid_1383895142878On sale at Deeper Than Fashion for RM35, for a set of 9 pieces.