Makeup and beauty products is the original Photoshop, and I think people tend to forget just how much magic it can create.
I love anything that can enhance and transform looks with minimal effort, which is why, it was a heaven sent when I found Supermodel Secrets. It was love at first click!& so I did a little shopping. Here’s a sneak peek of what I purchased (and reviews to follow soon!);
I’m going to start with the first thing that caught my attention, the Smoothlegs/Sundepil Europes leading hair removal pads;
To me, there’s nothing more unattractive than a girl who doesn’t take the effort to remove unwanted hair, be it on your legs, arms or even worse, the face.
I previously saw this product & tested it, while I was in London for holidays and regretted not buying it then (due to luggage space) but boy, was I thrilled when I found it on their site!;
The set came with; 1 storage case, 1 large Sundepil pad & 1 small Sundepil pad, and replacement depilation pads. I was so thrilled, that instead of a picture review like I usually do, I did a short video (using Instagram :3);

It’s super easy and completely painless! Just rub the hair removal pads (which feels like really soft sand paper, which exfoliates the skin as it removes hair) in circular motions gently. It may take awhile, but it leaves your hand (since I only did my hands so far) feeling smooth and soft!
Since I did it on my hands for the video, I made one of my guy friends sacrifice his hands for picture purposes 😛
I think every girl should have these, even if it’s just incase of emergency. It’s small and light so it’s easy to carry around, even on vacation and such. It’s not only removes the hair effectively but also exfoliates the skin.
– For those of you who want to grab yourselves a set, here are the links;
Smoothlegs/Sundepil Europes leading hair removal pads:
– & to check out the rest of their awesome stuff;
Instagram: @Supermodels_Secrets