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*repost from old blog.

Spreading some Christmas cheer a little early, but it’s never too early to prepare! I made several pairs of these Candy Cane earrings a few years back, and got some amazing feedback, so I decided to share how I made them;
PhotoGrid_1383986764804Things you’ll need;

  • Pipe cleaners (yes, that’s what those fuzzy bendy wires are called). I got these from Daiso at RM5 a pack with different colours.
  • Earring hooks (Artfriend, The Gardens)
  • Connector hoops (Artfriend, The Gardens)


Step One: Use two pipe cleaners. I used the classic candy cane colours, white & red.
Step Two: Use the white pipe cleaner and bend it around the red one. It’s really easy as it’s bendy so it holds without moving.

Step Three: Use the white pipe cleaner and wrap it around the whole of the red pipe cleaner. Remember that the one you use to wrap around, will have to be longer.
Step Four: Bend the front part of the straight, wrapped up pipe cleaners. You can use your finger to make the loop size. Add the connecter hoop with the earring hooks & then cut the pipe cleaners to required size.

& there you have it, super cute Candy Cane earrings!;
PhotoGrid_1383986875154You can even use these as pendants, or attached to tags on wine bottles, or even as bookmark, whatever suits your fancy 🙂