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Hello beautiful unicorns! My humblest apologies for the lack of updates as I’ve been sick for the past two weeks due to some virus that’s apparently been going around (so make sure you drink lots of water, and keep healthy!).

Since I’ve been sick, my skin has gone through some major breakouts and dryness due to my inability to take care of it as all I’ve been doing was sleeping and resting, due to lethargy.

Say hello to my crappy skin (no make up, no filter) & extremely cracked lips after two weeks of dehydration;
IMG_20131126_153008This was a wonderful opportunity for me to try out the Beauty Friends Collagen mask I purchased from Supermodels Secrets.

The Beauty Friends brand is pretty popular in Korea, especially for their masks. Here what the packaging looks like;
20131123_163646What I love about sheet masks, are they are really easy to use! This mask is water-soluble and is meant to deeply moisturise and condition the skin. The ingredients include natural plant extracts that help the skin absorb nutrients.

I heated the mask before using it by placing the sealed packaging into warm water for 2-3 minutes. You can also chill it in the freezer, depending on your preference. I wore the mask for 30 minutes (or slightly longer as I got distracted) and surprisingly, it stayed on with no fuss.

Once I removed the mask, I massaged the excess moisture into my skin gently to make sure all the goodness gets fully absorbed. My face feels so much softer and hydrated especially after being sick and the horrible heat we’re facing right now.

If I had one thing I don’t quite like about the mask, it’s the scent. But that’s just me and my inability to handle smells I’m unfamiliar with (this means I can’t even stand most perfumes, so it may not be an issue at all to you).

I’d definitely try the mask again, but then again Supermodels Secrets has a whole load of different types of masks I’d love to try my hands on! You should too! Take a look at their whole range here;

Instagram: @Supermodels_Secrets