I was given the opportunity to try out Pak John’s Steamboat and Yong Tau Foo at e@Curve, thanks to LivingSocial MY.

The foodie that I am, I was incredibly happy to oblige and accept the offer and I’m glad I did.

Pak John’s is a fairly new steamboat place, but is already one that is making a big impact. Serving only quality and fresh food, this place has a very large range of choices and is also halal (sorry pork lovers!).

The place was fairly spacious and comfortable, with a minimalist ambiance. The best part is even though it was indoors and fully air-conditioned, there were no problems with ventilation. Plus point there as most places I’ve been to seem to lack in that department.

PhotoGrid_1392706202136There are three types of soups for you to choose from, chicken, tom yam or miso. All three were equally tasty, but I love anything spicy so tom yam was definitely a winner for me.

PhotoGrid_1392706019624Pak John offers a really satisfying and large variety of food ranging from seafood, different types of meat including duck, sausages and fishballs, tofu, and also fresh vegetables (which were actually fresh!). There were also lots of noodles and quality Japanese Udon.

I got full just looking at all the choices, and everything I tried was equally good 🙂
PhotoGrid_1392706264658PhotoGrid_1392706284903How cute are these fishballs?!

PhotoGrid_1392706346840Besides steaming them in the soup, you also have the option of grilling, giving your taste buds a real treat. They also provide marinated meat for this grilling experience;

PhotoGrid_1392706230045A perfect way to end your meal is with a visit to the dessert section. Marshmallows dipped in chocolate fondue, ice-cream potong (classic Malaysian favourite!) as well as regular ice-cream was there to end your hearty meal with a sweet note.

The best part of it all? The price of the meal was below RM30 per person & it’s all you can eat.

Affordable, a large variety, comfortable ambiance, freshness and quality not compromised. What more could one ask for from a meal? 🙂

Pak John Steamboat & Yong Tau Foo

Operating hours
Mon – Thu: 10:00 – 22:00
Fri – Sun: 10:00 – 00:00