Foundation application is usually very tricky, even for seasoned makeup artists (according to my professional makeup artist friends). I usually work on my own make up during photoshoots, and my problem is always getting the foundation right. For some reason, I can’t seem to get it to not cake up and leave visible streaks, giving the photographer a tough time having to edit it.
Or a long night out at some event where I’d like to look as close to flawless as possible, I constantly need to touch up on my foundation since I never get it right the first time around.

& then I found this amazing creation from Supermodel’s Secrets! The 3D Beauty Blender! It’s an absolute money and time saver that every girl who uses any form of liquid make up on her face needs to have one (or two!)!


I usually wet the sponge before using it and squeeze it until it is just slightly damp to get the best air brush looking finish. Basically, you use the sponge and bounce it (yes, bounce!) around your whole face. It will spread the foundation evenly as it blends and gives you skin a flawless look, and pick up excess foundation as it does that.20131221_180218
Here’s an example of how my foundation/make up looks like after using the blender sponge, with no editing or filter; 20140104_122505I would completely recommend this to everyone and anyone who wear any form of liquid makeup on their skin. Check out the links below to grab one for yourself! 🙂
Instagram: @Supermodels_Secrets