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With my constant need to escape from the city life, when Air Asia had its sale and my family decided to take a trip to Langkawi, I couldn’t wait eventhough I’ve been there several times. This time around, it was an entirely different experience going with just family.

As soon as I got in the plane, they were playing Yuna’s ‘Rescue’ which has been my song this year (right after Pharrell’s ‘Happy’). The one I listen to when I need a pick me up, and every single morning as I walk to work. & I knew, it was going to be all good vibes.
PhotoGrid_1392682166327Sky’s not the limit.

We stayed at AB Motel, located on Pantai Cenang. It was a pretty decent place to stay on a budget and right by the beach as well as the stretch of markets to shop and food places. The rooms were clean and very basic, but then again you have the beach, why would you need a room besides having to shower, change & sleep? 🙂

My favourite part about the motel, was that there were tons of cats. Yes, cats strolling around. The crazy cat lady in me was more than thrilled :3
PhotoGrid_1392683476445PhotoGrid_1392683532097PhotoGrid_1392682299849PhotoGrid_1392683399437Spent the first day at a secluded bar on the beach with the family, enjoy the beach and sunset;
PhotoGrid_1392682331594PhotoGrid_1392683069111PhotoGrid_1392682385224What was more beautiful than the sunset, was all the beautiful starfishes I came across. Starfishes in general are gently creatures, you can carry them but be extra careful to avoid breaking or bending its arms;PhotoGrid_1392682504371The next day, we did the Island tour. The three places they took us to were Pulau Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden’s Island), to watch eagles being fed & lastly, Pulau Beras Basah.

Pulau Dayang Bunting; Spot the pregnant lady!



The legend of Tasik Dayang Bunting professes that barren women who bathe in this lake will be endowed with a child;
PhotoGrid_1392682624826It’s quite a walk up and down a flight of stairs to get to this lake, I wasn’t really a fan of it but for experience sake, it’s worth going once atleast.

The second place we went to was to watch eagles being fed;

PhotoGrid_1392682655127We were really lucky to actually be able to see this, because the previous 2 times I went there weren’t any eagles that swooped down for food. There’s just something incredibly beautiful about the way they glide so effortless and gracefully.

That took about 15 minutes or so, after which we reached our last destination; Pulau Beras Basah. My favourite stop of all.

Why? Because of the clean water and beautiful scenery;

PhotoGrid_1392682678068I managed to take a whole lot of alone time eventhough I was with family. Long morning walks by the beach. There’s nothing like walking on the beach and discovering treasures you never thought you’d find;


What are the odds of stumbling across a baby octopus stranded and being able to save it? Or finding starfish after starfish, slowly gliding in the water, baby crabs running around & all these interesting sea creatures? I managed to collect shells to make myself a mermaid shell crown as well 🙂

PhotoGrid_1392683363572PhotoGrid_1392682834181PhotoGrid_1392683384365There’s nothing like a beach holiday. & I can’t wait for my next one.