Anyone who knows me personally, knows about my massive obsession with Pharrell Williams (going wayyy back when I was high school). When I first heard he was in the Future Music Festival Asia line up, I was ecstatic beyond belief and likewise, when the show got cancelled at the last minute, devastated beyond belief. A part of my dreams for 2014 were crushed.

After which, I was in the hotel room in my bathrobe, and decided (due to fantastic lighting and sheer vanity) to indulge in some selfie taking, one of which I tagged Pharrell on Instagram with the hashtags #putyourrobeon & #GIRL in support of his new album.

That was it, it was merely me being a fangirl and wanting to send him some happy vibes of fan-love. & I woke up to this;

1457577_10152016932752058_495677442_n (1)

A kissy smiley. From Pharrell. I can’t even explain the amount of joy that brought me & it kept my happy going on full scale.

But it gets better, I wake up the very next day to this;
1979156_10152018667077058_1786094360_oPharrell reposted my picture, and followed me on Instagram. Immediately I had my 5 minutes of fame, with tons of new followers,; a local radio station calling me up to ask me about it on air (click here to hear me sound like a giggly mess of happy!), and as ‘fame’ comes so do haters.

Things I learnt about people after Pharrell re-Instagrammed my picture;

a) People will always bitch about how you look because there’s nothing else they can pick on (which is funny because some of them can’t even be saved by plastic surgery, but that’s an entirely different story).
b) People you don’t even know will surprise you and stand up for you, just because they don’t believe in bullying.
c) People you personally know will find a need to make kurang ajar statements on social media (hello keyboard coward!) but are super nice to your face (hello unfriend button!).
d) People I haven’t spoken to in years, took the effort to let me know that they are happy for me because they know what a huge fan I am.

I shall quote Pharrell’s Happy on this; “Here come bad news talking this and that. Well, give me all you got, and don’t hold back, I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine. No offense to you, don’t waste your time. Because I’m happy”

I got calls from so many people who were so happy for me, and also worried about me being affected by the bashing on his page. This is something I’ve gotten accustomed to and no longer phases me, I outgrew getting upset over people who talk to much and mean to little to let it get me down. After all, I managed to get Pharrell’s attention, even for just a minute for him to repost it, that on its own is special to me.

However with all that drama, some really sweet people came to my rescue (who I don’t even know) & had the kindest things to say, standing up for me, and making sure I was okay. So much love, positive energy & rainbows sent their way!

No one is going to ruin this happy vibe on my end & the law of attraction, is as real as it gets. I swear by it. The energy you give out, is the energy you receive.

My entire year, has been made 😀