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Every girl is a goddess – Francesca Lia Block.

Constantly channeling my inner goddess, I wear my handmade flower crowns.
They seem really time consuming and complicated to make, but I’ve come up with two ‘cheats’ on how you can make it within minutes and fuss-free!

There are two ways I make them. Here’s the first design;

PhotoGrid_1396082387930Materials you will need:
+ Faux flowers on a long bendy stalk. Ensure the stalk is super flexible and can be bent.
+ Sturdy string (I use faux leather straps)
+ Scissors.

Step One: Wrap the stalk with flowers around your head for measurement.
Step Two: Remove it from your head (with measurement), and cut the additional stalk off.
Step Three: Tie both ends with the string. Make sure to ensure it is properly secure.
Step Four: Wear it like a goddess 🙂

Super easy, right? Here’s another one!;
IMG_20140329_164220PhotoGrid_1396082319589Materials you will need;
+ Faux flowers with bendy stem (look at picture for reference!)
+ Plain hairband

Step One: Use the flower with bendy stem to wrap around your hairband.
Step Two: Keep doing so until you get your desired look. You can further secure it with hot glue if needed.
Step Three: Wear it like a goddess!

& that is it! Both my ‘cheat’ flower crowns. I’ve used them for shoots, music festivals, and events with no problems whatsoever.

The key here is to look for faux flowers with stalks or stems that can make it easier for you to make a crown. I’ve been lucky so far to find ones I really like.

Good luck making your own flower crowns & enjoy being a goddess!