Rustic, minimalistic gift-wrapping makes all the difference in presentation.

I always love it when gifts are packed in a classy way, exactly how I like my flowers tied with a simple big bow instead of all the additional paper packaging and fluff.

I posted a picture of this on Instagram and people asked me how I did it, so I decided to share it here. I bought a gift for a very special someone and here’s how I gift wrapped it;

IMG_20140409_084521Just in a plain brown paper box along with recycled string in a simple bow. All I did was add some cute details and that made all the difference. I added on a mini handmade dreamcatcher in pastel rainbow & a little paper plane charm (because he’s a pilot).

PhotoGrid_1397004131172The box and string (that came in a pack of 3) was RM5 each at Daiso;
IMG_20140410_103118Yes, three rolls of those for RM5. So much win!