Deeper Than Fashion went offline once again at Markets, Jaya One & this time it was for their Easter Extravaganza. They held it at The School, which is a brand new mall within Jaya One itself as opposed to the usual locations.

Sad to say, my experience this time around wasn’t the best due to my booth location and people being unable to find my booth. I shall not elaborate more (only happy vibes here!). Regardless, I had a great time all the same with the help from my beautiful friends who kept me company (and fed!).

My booth display & shameless mirror selfie :3

PhotoGrid_1397358770090 PhotoGrid_1397358744594Handmade wearable art by yours truly. PhotoGrid_1397358705795My standard display: the huge hula-hoop rainbow dreamcatcher.

A huge THANK YOU for those of you who made it to my booth, dropped by and showed me so much love and support. You truly are a bunch of unicorns (a blessing).

From friends who are like family;
PhotoGrid_1397359132787 PhotoGrid_1397359182261To friends I haven’t seen in ages, new friends who came to support & people I’ve grown to love; 
PhotoGrid_1397358948502 IMG_20140413_111822PhotoGrid_1397358482458

To regular customers to have turned into good friends;

PhotoGrid_1397358852167 PhotoGrid_1397359070784

& new faces who I hope enjoy my art;
PhotoGrid_1397359025832I am more than blessed to be given this opportunity to display and sell my wearable art. I can’t thank you enough for all the love, because you guys constantly inspire and make me do what I do. (insert virtual hugs here)