Previously I’ve worked on spider web nail art for Halloween, but I stepped it up a notch for the movie that’s been the talk of town this month, Spiderman. spiderman1Here’s the end result of my nail art for this comic book superhero; IMG_20140429_181405Things you will need:
– Red, white, black & blue nail polish
– Nail art brush

I opted for using all red nails & only one blue, to look like his costume. I left the blue nail empty to add contrast to the rest of the nail art.

Here are the three designs I worked on. I made simple templates that are easy to see and refer to:
1. Spiderman Mask;

spideynails2. Spider Logo.
spider nails& lastly, 3. Spider Webs.
webnailsHope this basic tutorial with picture templates were of help. If there are any inquiries or anything I can help with, drop me a comment 🙂