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332604_10150560388842058_640029639_oCreativity is something that is very subjective to me and my creative process is… to be honest, I don’t have one. I’m merely just enjoying the journey and see where it takes me.

I enjoy picking little knick-knacks and materials whenever I see them, things that I find fascinating & fall in love with; not knowing what I’m going to do with it and letting it inspire me when the time comes. I have charms and materials stored for months before I eventually use them.

I fall in love with ideas before they even hit me. Falling in love, knowing I won’t fall out of it.

I hope for everyone to find love like that. Exciting, inspiring, comforting, fulfilling, bliss.

I come across my designs by chance a lot of time. I make mistakes, recreate and learn from it. Some of my designs may come across a little ‘raw’. Slightly imperfect, and very much handmade. Definitely full of love, hard-work and good vibes.

I work at my own pace, no pressure, in my own rainbow bubble of happy. I believe emotions reflect in your art.

With no compromises in quality and focusing in what my idea of wearable art should be, I constantly evolve in terms of materials used, designs and inspiration. There’s no limitations, just a special sense of freedom, constantly enabling me to progress and feed my soul.

Being able to design wearable art or accessories has given me the ability and creative outlet to turn my daydreaming and inspirations into a reality.

& this, is the kind of love that lasts a lifetime.