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I am not, and will never be a fan of skin whitening products. However, the only time I would ever condone it is to brighten areas that have scarred, or darkened underarms and elbows.

I purchased the Xtreme Brite Gel from Supermodel’s Secrets after sending their customer service an email asking them to recommend me something that will allow me to lighten my underarms as well as my left elbow (yes, just the left due to leaning on it on a constant, the friction caused it to darken). Underarm darkening on the other hand, is very common especially women with darker skin. First world problems, but definitely fixable problems 🙂


While I am not going to post pictures of my underarm here (because that’s just gross, so please just Google it and you’ll find some), I’m going to recommend it to anyone who wants to lighten the skin. Though this product is not completely organic, but still uses quite a few natural ingredients. The whole idea is for it to adapt and work with your body, making it a safe lightening process. Definitely one of the safest options of skin whitening there is out there.

I got this from another review which I found useful;
“Licorice extract is used in Xtreme Brite gel that prevents your body from activating one of its natural chemicals, known as tyrosinase. This lessens the body’s melanin production, and melanin gives your skin its color. So, licorice extract works at stopping the process that colors your skin.”

It actually makes a big difference. I’ve been using it daily for the past two weeks and I already see some major improvements. Don’t believe me? Give it a try! The link are below:

More info: http://www.supermodel2u.com/Xtreme-Brite-Brightening-Gel-1oz/q?pid=160&doit=order

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