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The passing of Maya Angelou will definitely be one with a profound impact to many lives. However a writer/poet never really dies. They live through their words and the millions of lives they’ve inspired. With that being said, I’ve always been inspired by her writing and quotes, all that she stood for. This is particular, is my favourite;10299196_747069352012586_7645855265415460628_nLike most of her quotes, its simple and easily applicable. This one, I relate to the most. Rainbows come in so many different forms. I take the rainbow bit literally when it comes to my art & add that to my accessories. Adding a little bit of colour into someone else’s life (on way or another).

& the easiest of all, is just to take a little extra effort. Giving up a seat in the train, feed a stray animal, smile at a stranger, simple things that cost you next to nothing that make a huge impact. Never underestimate the power of small things.