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If you are an 80s baby, you definitely know My Little Pony! These ponies with ‘cutie marks’ on their sides, show off different personalities and come in such amazing colours.

Infusing on of my favourite childhood toons, with my love for vibrant colours and accessories, I made these necklaces. This way I get to walk around wearing a piece of my childhood memories;


Dangling from a long bronze chain necklace, these plastic ponies ponies are the center of attention (as they should be!) with plastic beads in shades of the rainbow (my rainbows always start with pink :3 ) to give it an extra ‘cute’ factor.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is my personal piece. Took a plain white pony with a blue mane, and whipped out my stash of paint & decided to give new life to this pony.

& now I have a rainbow one with a peace symbol cutie mark;20140603_075110Now to test out just how lasting the paint is *fingers crossed.