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If you are a foodie or a burger-addict, you definitely missed out if you didn’t head down to Padang Timur today. FriedChillies organized an I Eat Burgers event, 20 of the best burgers in Kuala Lumpur, all at the same place!

They sold coupons, canteen day style. Here’s a picture with all the information/links you should follow to make sure you don’t miss the next one;
10413354_10152170751837058_794869548508088662_nManaged to try quite a number of burgers (with the help of a friendly Dhina-saur). It was ridiculously hot and I was thankful I wore shorts and a loose tank top, as well as carried my rainbow umbrella. It made it wayyy more tolerable to stand in the long lines to get burgers;10372050_10152170751987058_3938488112397034845_n

Here are a few I tried, that will get you hungry;

10457923_10152170751652058_6044431994836343796_nMy favourite was the one with the sausage. The super sloppy, but super yummy, burger Om. Om is right, om nom nom much!

The next event will be a nasi lemak one, so if you are a foodie, save all the links as shown in the first picture!

& to end the post, the irony of it. They had a petting zoo. After eating burgers. I felt so guilty :/
Here’s me picking up a chick at the event;10393573_10152170751907058_4250839411602909363_n